Corporate Strategy

Strategizing for Success

Implement Your Strategy

Classic strategy is the most in-depth, step-by-step approach to measurable results ever developed.

Our process involves the senior leadership team engaging in a collaborative macro and long-range assessment of the organization’s strategic objectives and corresponding action plans.

Your Vision will be executed by your management team after a thorough and systematic process of organizing and directing the critical activities necessary to reach your goals.

Planning for Your Success

What We Cover:


Your Vision

Your Mission

Your Values

Your Culture

Our key principles for successful management:

Market research to define SWOT and the competitive landscape

Current customer analysis – Who they are, why they buy and the strategy for attracting, selling and retaining more of the “ideal customer”

Defining the organization’s Value Engine* and core competencies

Outlining overall objectives, key performance indicators and financial projections

Potential challenges that may be encountered executing the strategy

Top strategic objectives to be carried out by the senior leadership team

Tracking key measurements of success – Major business objectives and KPI’s

Implementation time-frames (quarterly and yearly) and accountability

*Value Engine – It’s the reason your prospects buy what you have and the “extra” value-driven component you do beyond traditional core competencies offered by competitors. Our process for Value Engine Definition usually involves 8-16 hours of consulting time in-house with your Executive Team, with the remaining time being done by STRUCTURE, LLC off-site. For more information, please click here.

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